Thursday, July 16, 2009

STRIFE, A Number One "Family Killer"!

Strife is a number one "family killer" in today's world!
The bible tells us that those of us who play with strife are taken "captive" by Satan "at his own bidding" ...

What wonderful words to consider.
That means, basically, that those who bring about strife are led around by Satan, just like you lead a bull around, with the ring in their nose! I for one am not willing to be led around by Satan, nor am I going to stand idly by and watch as someone else is taken captive either! But what is one to do?

Ever find yourself in a situation where someone is spreading rumors about someone, and you don't know who to believe? Ever find yourself attacked verbally by someone you love deeply, only to walk away with a deep hurt inside, not knowing where all of this came from? I have. And from it, the Lord has given me some words of encouragement, and some "battle instructions" that I am to pass along to you. These will keep you through the attack, and lead you to victory!

The bible says in Proverbs 17:14 that strife is "like the letting out of water in the wall of a dam". We are instructed in this scripture to cease that contention (strife) before it becomes worse, and quarreling breaks out amongst all of us! Stifle, like the leak in the dam, is dangerous! If you don't STOP IT while the leak is small, the hole will widen and eventually becoming a gushing, roaring nightmare of lies and deceit and mistrust that will destroy everything in it's path!

2 Things that strife has absolutely no power over! One of these is love. Love covers a multitude of sins. Love conquers all. Love never fails. You've heard the scriptures. The other is prayer. Prayer opens doors that need to be opened, and closes doors that need to be closed. Remember Matthew 18:19, "Behold! I give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven ..."? With that being said, whatever you bind (or restrain) is bound (or restrained), and whatever you loose (or let go free) is loosed (or liberated), both on Earth and in heaven!

Things to remember when faced with strife:

1. do not react - the bible says a "wise man considers or ponders on how to answer". Make it a point when you are faced with strife to "never" - EVER, allow yourself to react ... especially with emotion! Emotions are feelings ... they are unstable, not at all dependable, and will lead you charging down the path in pure Don Quixote fashion on a campaign that is totally and completely based on lies and unstable accusations! The end results will be that you only find a old, broken down windmill, no giants, no arch enemy, and certainly no castle! It was only a facade, something that appears to be something else that ... it ... is ... not.

2. pray - the key to success in any venture, whether it be a need at hand or dealing with an enemy, prayer is your key to success! When you are faced with strife in a situation, know-it-or-not, you ... are ... facing ... an enemy! His name is Satan! And deceit, deception, and lies are his tools of trade. He uses these to get us to "make choices" that lead us astray, in the wrong path, and down a road that, if not changed, will end in destruction.

3. watch your words - keep your words to yourself! If you simply must speak, consider or study your words ... your response, wisely! Let your words be those of faith, and of love so that you are speaking into existence ... that which is yet to be! The bible tells us that a 'wise man' studies (or ponders, considers, weighs carefully his words) before he answers. Proverbs 16:28 tells us that a slanderer (one who spreads strife - don't be one of these) separates intimate friends (friends of a lifetime)! Your best bet is to remain "silent". Pray, and wait. If you jump on the wave of emotion that rides with this storm, you're liable to find yourself out on the open seas before you know what hit you! And there are creatures out there that feed on human flesh. Do you really want to go there?

I am writing this to you so that you know, when you are faced with strife, that ... at the very least, you need to take a BIG STEP BACKWARDS! You need to first ... STOP! PRAY! and most of all, WATCH WHAT YOU SAY! You could very easily be swept into this storm, and become a part of the very force that is feeding it! Then you will find yourself struggling and fighting to gain your freedom, when all you had to do was to "step back" and let the storm pass you by.

Strife is not something to play with! It has destroyed friendships, marriages, and even whole families, many times over the smallest of the smallest of things!

So when you see strife coming your way, plant your feet! Guard yourself!
Put on the whole armor of God! Wrap yourself in that blanket of "love" ... the love of God (which is your strongest power and defense) ... and get ready to meet this thing ... "head on"!

Have this attitude:

"Bring it on Satan ... shoot me with your best shot!
My God is bigger than this!! You will not take MY family!"

and follow the 3 steps above to victory!